Saturday, December 11, 2010

Show offs !

The kardasians claim to be these "smart buisness women "so what happened when they were doing this?!

Who canoes in the OCEAN ! lol ! Show offs !

This is so funny !

Hey guys I just wanted to show you guys how much kim kardashian is thirsty for attention. She is at the beach wearing all this jewerly. At the BEACH ! lol ! They want to be the center of attention everywhere.

And also I would like to point out how kim kardashian keeps puting her towel down after she pretends shes covering her butt. She makes it seem like she hates it so much and doesnt want to show it but really she LOVES her butt and wants to show it off to the world !

I mean cmon why dont you wrap the towel around she keeps on opening it ( unwraping ) it again and again !

watch the video

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If you didnt know

So we all know what the kardashians came in the spotlight after Kim Kardashian put her sex tape out. Now everyone has their own thoughts and some say she didnt and some say she did. Ray J comes from a respected family and he has and also has said that he has nieces and nephews and younger kids in his family and he said puting something out there like that would just be wrong.

Lets get one thing straight Ray J was already in the spotlight, so he didnt need any more attention.

In an interview, I dont recall who but a man and Kim Kardashians friend Jonathan were talking to each other. The man ( the interviewer ) had said that he would see Kim with paris, but wouldnt notice her like she was whatever. Meaning Kim was NOT famous. No one really knew as KIM KARDASHIAN, maybe they knew her by Robert Kardashians FAMILY but not as KIM KARDASHIAN.

In an interview Ray J had said that Kim was the only one who had the tape, they only had ONE and she had it. Now, your probably asking " well he could have made two " the answer to taht question is " no, he also says that sources confirm that he had one of those old school cameras which didnt do much ".

Kim Kardashian claims that while she was moving she had misplaced it. Now, how the h**** does someone misplace their own sex tape?!

When the tape came out ray j and kim were both contacted. And if kim really didnt do it and if she had any shame or respect for herself she wouldnt have accepted the money.

Kim Kardashin saw how her bff Paris Hilton became really famous for her sextape and decided to put one out too.

Rumors say that kim till this very day is proud that people have seen her naked, she wants attention and she will do anythign for it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Got Caught On The Act

As you guys might have heard about the Kardashian Card has been discontinued ! Sources prove that if the people hadnt looked into the card the kardashians would keep ripping you off. Many had researched this card and the results were that they were ripping us off with all the extra money that we had to give. When the kardashians found out that people knew what they were doing they immediatly call it off.

 The card will run you $99.95 for a year or $59.95 for six months. After that it’s $7.95 per month. There are also the typical ATM withdrawal fees. By contrast, a recent Consumers Union survey that looked at 19 prepaid cards found that activation fees tended to start at $3 and reach as high as $40. My fellow MoneyWatch blogger Dan Kadlec recommends the Upside Edge from Visa - a teen card that costs just $29.95 a year, allows for free reloads from a parent checking account and gives cash-back rewards equal to 1% of funds loaded

“A waste of hard-earned money,” says  financial literacy expert Susan Beacham, CEO of Money Savvy Generation.

Let me be clear

Ok lots are coming at me of Khloes nose. If you guys read the post you guys would know that I asked you guys what you think, if she got a nose job or not ok. I came up with this one site where they had the picture so I showed it to you guys, I asked you guys what YOU thought ok !

Sorry For Not Posting

Hey guys Im sorry that I havent been posting for awhile. Ive just been busy, but I promise you guys that I will post real soon and will keep posting.

And I would like to say something to the people who are coming at me in a negative way. For one thing Im not a HATER ok I want to show you people that the kardashians are not these perfect angels, many young females are going out and trying these dangerous diet pills, getting cosmetic surgery, implants etc and just ruining their beautiful faces because they think how the kardashians look like is the way to go. Everyone is beautiful in there own way and you dont have to change a thing. Celeberties are just really fake these days, dont let them bring you down one bit ok !

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Age Kim?

Kim kardashian had posted up this picture claiming she has had breasts ever since she was little. Now how do we really even know that it was her when she was 14? She could be lieing. And if you get started with her family they in it too. So you cant say "well her family wouldnt let her lie like that" well actually yea they would, there her family. No proof that it was her in that age.